Are You Ready To Up Your Pitch Game?

You better be because your funding depends on it.

Are you struggling to get investors interested
in your business?

Would you believe that how you introduce yourself and your business is one of the single-most important things you will do in your business?

And let’s be honest, your pitch is probably good at best. To get noticed your business noticed, however, your pitch has to be better than the best.

Introducing ...

​Pitch Power

The Pitch Power training program is a seven-week, no-nonsense, no gimmicks, practical and most importantly, proven approach to creating the perfect power pitch to get you to the next step - the negotiations.

Can you relate to any of these?

Your Pitch Is Way Too Long and Too Boring.

One of the most common problems you will face as an entrepreneur is talking too much about your idea. You want to say everything there is to say about your business. You know if the investor could see what you see, they would never say "no."

You will lose the investor's interest if you try to put too much into it. They are looking for specific information, and when they don't get it right away, you've already lost them.​

Your Slide Deck is Wordy and You Read It Verbatim.

It’s natural to be nervous when pitching your business, especially when money is on the line. What’s not natural is to read verbatim from a slide deck that has too much information.

Sure investors are interested in your business, but they're even more interested in you. It’s hard to put your best foot forward when you let your nerves get the best of you.

You Falter When You Don’t Know How to Answer a Question.

Investors are smart, and they know what they want. And what they don’t want is an entrepreneur that tries to bluff their way through an answer. The Q&A is as important as your actual pitch is.answer. The Q&A is as important as your actual pitch is.

Trust us when we say, "you aren’t alone." Most entrepreneurs find themselves in a position to create their pitch to meet a need. It’s often created last minute and without guidance.

Pitch Power Training helps you create the perfect pitch, and gives you plenty of practice to increase your chances of getting funded.

Are You Ready to Get Your Business Noticed?

Pitch Training was absolutely invaluable for me. The tools, resources, and tips provided helped me to zero in on my own vision. I feel so much more confident about where my company is now and where we are headed.

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Let's Take A Closer Look Inside Pitch Power:

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The Power Practice

Here you have the opportunity to PRACTICE your pitch, and Q&A before a panel of serial entrepreneurs and investors for constructive feedback in a safe and supportive place!

We were able to ask real questions of experts and get real answers. The structure and material were fantastic. We had access to some great resources, and getting feedback in a safe space is invaluable.

Cody Cornell

Isn’t Time to Elevate Your Pitch?

When You Complete Pitch Power Training,
You Will Have:

  • A fully diagnosed, defensible pitch
  • A clean, succinct, and complete program and collaterals to present your pitch
  • An achievable strategy to reach the right investors at the right time with the right program and right terms
  • The opportunity to present to actual investors

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Nothing – except some worry, stress, and fear as you get ready for your next pitch. We can’t wait to welcome you inside The Pitch Power Training Program. Click now to save your seat. See you soon.

Getting feedback from all the guest speakers gave us validation. The most valuable things about Pitch Power are the amount of practice and feedback, talking with other businesses, and the speakers.

Sarah Wollheim
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